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The Association of Anaesthetists welcomes diversity and is committed to equality and inclusion in all aspects of our work. Diversity is valued within the organisation. We positively seek to reflect diversity in the composition of our governance bodies and workforce and to ensure there is equality of access to the services we provide and that we are responsive to the needs of the diverse population of patients and health professionals in the UK and Ireland.


On the basis of sex: speakers at Association conferences

Since 2012 the Association has collected data on gender of speakers at the three main conferences: Annual Congress, Group of Anaesthetists in Training (GAT; now Trainee Conference), and Winter Scientific Meeting (WSM) as well as Core Topics, seminars, regional seminars, and one webinar. Approximately 40% of our non-retired membership and 49% of our trainee membership are female. These are proposed as benchmarks for the percentage of female speakers. 

Read more... (this article features in our June 2021 issue of Anaesthesia News)

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