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Benefits of membership

Member benefits include:

Information and guidance

Save money

Career support and networks

  • Access to a Community of peers via our online community platform and member app.
  • A range of support networking opportunities via our Links Scheme, Trainee Network Leads (TNLs), SAS Links Network and Less Than Full Time (LTFT) Network.
  • A range of career stage specific guides and resources including Trainee, SAS and Less Than Full time (LTFT) handbooks.
  • We also offer a mentoring service, a bursary scheme, and numerous grants and awards to enable you to undertake research, educational projects, or professional development.
  • And we provide opportunities for working overseas with our SAFE project.
“The Association is an invaluable beacon of educational and wellbeing support for anaesthetists of all levels. From the Anaesthesia journal, published guidelines, to the online and now in-person meetings, the Association provides outstanding value for its membership.” 
Dr Zeshan Bhatt, Association member since 2013

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