Meet the Board and Council | Association of Anaesthetists

Meet the Association Board and Council

Officers of the Association of Anaesthetists


Dr Matthew Davies, President

Dr Matt Davies

Dr Mike Nathanson, Immediate Past President

Dr Mike Nathanson

Dr Tim Meek, Honorary Secretary

Dr Tim Meek HS

Dr John Ward, Honorary Treasurer


Dr Robert Self, Honorary Membership Secretary

Dr Robert Self

Dr Andy Klein, Editor-in-Chief, Anaesthesia

Andrew Klein

Dr Emma Wain, Honorary Treasurer Elect

Dr Emma Wain

Dr Robert Fleming, Honorary Membership Secretary Elect


Vice Presidents

Dr Ravi Gill

Ravi Gill

Dr Tei Sheraton

Tei Sheraton

Dr Peter Young

Young Peter-crop504x605

Elected Directors/Trustees

Dr Seema Agarwal

Seema Agarwal

Dr Kenneth Barker


Dr Victoria McCormack

Dr Victoria McCormack

Dr Krish Radhakrishna


Dr Philip Barclay

Philip Barclay May 2022

Dr Craig Carroll


Dr Benjamin Fox

Ben Fox

Dr Jonathan Harrison

Dr Jonathan Harrison

Dr Naomi Freeman, Trainee Committee Chair


Dr Stuart Edwardson, Trainee Committee Honorary Secretary

Stuart Edwardson

Independent Trustees

Dr Stuart Burgess, Independent Specialist and Trustee

Stephen Mullarkey, Independent Specialist and Trustee

Co-opted members of Council

Dr Manish Adke, Specialty Lead for Anaesthesia, BMA CC


Dr Aamer Ahmed, ESAIC Council UK representative


Dr Karl Brennan, Clinical Leaders in Anaesthesia Network representative

Dr Karl Brennan

Dr Paul Bourke, Convenor, Scottish Standing Committee

Dr Fiona Donald, President, Royal College of Anaesthetists

Dr Fiona Donald

Paul Forsythe, Association of Anaesthesia Associates representative


Prof David Honan, Convenor, Irish Standing Committee

Colonel James Ralph, Defence Anaesthesia Representative


Dr Louise Swan, Trainee Committee Vice Chair

Louise Swan

Prof George Shorten, President, College of Anaesthesiologists of Ireland


Dr Stephen Webb, President, Intensive Care Society

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