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Meet the Association Board and Council

Officers of the Association of Anaesthetists


Dr Mike Nathanson (President)

Mike Nathanson 7238

Dr Kathleen Ferguson (Immediate Past President)

Kathleen Ferguson

Dr Matthew Davies (Honorary Secretary)

Matt Davies

Dr Ravi Gill (Honorary Treasurer)

Ravi Gill

Dr Tei Sheraton (Honorary Membership Secretary )

Tei Sheraton

Dr Andy Klein (Editor-in-Chief, Anaesthesia)

Andrew Klein

Dr Tim Meek (Immediate Past Honorary Secretary)

Tim Meek

Dr John Ward (Honorary Treasurer Elect)


Dr Robert Self (Honorary Membership Secretary Elect)

Rob Self

Vice presidents

Dr Paul Barker (Vice President)

Paul Barker 7216

Prof William Fawcett (Vice President)

Bill Fawcett

Elected member

Dr Ann Harvey

Ann Harvey

Dr Mathew Patteril

Mathew Patteril

Dr Mike Kinsella

Mike Kinsella (2)

Dr Peter Young

Young Peter

Dr Robert Fleming


Dr Chris Mowatt


Dr Seema Agarwal

Seema Agarwal

Dr Kenneth Barker


Dr Mark Stacey


Trainee members

Dr Divya Raviraj (Trainee Committee Chair) 

Divya Raviraj

Dr Naomi Freeman (Trainee Committee Honorary Secretary)

Co-opted members

Dr Aamer Ahmed (ESA Council UK representative)


Dr Paul Bourke (Convenor, Scottish Standing Committee)

Colonel James Ralph (Defence Anaesthesia Representative)


Dr Keith Hodgson (Trainee Committee Vice Chair)

Keith Hodgson

Dr Wouter Jonker (Convenor, Irish Standing Committee)

Ms Paula Keats (Board of Directors Lay member and AAGBI Foundation Trustee)

Paula Keats

Prof George Shorten (President, College of Anaesthesiologists of Ireland)

Prof George Shorten

Prof Ravi Mahajan (President, Royal College of Anaesthetists)

Ravi Mahajan

Dr Richard Davidson (Clinical Director Network representative)

Dr Isabeau Walker (AAGBI Foundation Trustee)

Isabeau Walker 2341

Dr Manish Adke (Specialty Lead for Anaesthesia, BMA CC) 


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