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What we do

About the Association of Anaesthetists

We represent the life-changing, life-saving profession of anaesthesia – by supporting, informing and inspiring a worldwide community of over 10,000 members.

Our work and members span the globe, yet our voice is local and personal. We stay in close contact with our members, look after their day-to-day wellbeing, and act as their champion.

Our world-class conferences, journals and online resources educate and inform, and our respected guidelines continually improve standards of patient safety.

We preserve and learn from the history of anaesthesia. We use that to inform the present, and facilitate vital research and innovation into its future.

As an independent organisation, we speak up freely and openly for the interests of anaesthetists and their patients. We influence policy, raise public awareness and are at the forefront of safer anaesthesia, across the world.

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