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Collection Highlights

Here we share some of our favourite stories from our collection.

No. 1 Signs and Stages of Anaesthesia

No. 2 Open Drop Ether

No. 3 Nitrous Oxide-Oxygen-Ether Anaesthesia

No.4 The Carbon Dioxide Absorption Technique

No. 5 Endotracheal Anaesthesia

No. 7 Intravenous Anaesthesia, Pt 2

No. 9 Respiratory and Cardiac Arrest

No. 10 Operative Shock

No. 12 Anaesthesia in the Dental Chair

Alcohol as a Total Anaesthetic

Apparatus for Closed Circuit Anaesthesia in Large Animals, Pt 1

Artificial Respiration

Charles King World Tour

Chloroform Administration

Ethyl Chloride Anaesthesia for Removal of Tonsils

Handling and Care of the Patient

Handling and Care of the Patient, pt 2

RAF Lifejacket Experiments

Relief of Pain in Childbirth

Technique of Epidural Block

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