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Dr Jane Lim: COVID-19 pandemic

Dr Jane Lim: COVID-19 pandemic

Dr Jane Lim is a Trainee Anaesthetist whose training was interrupted by the COVID-19 pandemic. During the first wave, Dr Lim worked at the Royal Free London Trust.

In this interview by Dr Michael Ward conducted in September 2020, Dr Lim describes what it was like to be a young doctor during a global pandemic and how her training was affected.

You can listen to the audio recording of the interview or download the full transcript.


The table below indicates points of particular interest within the interview.

Time code (roughly)  Point of interest 
 00:03:00 Dr Lim talks about gaining skills and confidence during her early training, and her initial concern of losing them owing to the interruption in her training.
 00:06:05 Dr Lim recalls when she first became aware of Covid and describes the restructuring at her hospital.
 00:15:00 Description of the ITU environment during the crisis.
 00:26:30 Dr Lim responds to the question:

How much do you think your training has suffered?
 00:35:05 Dr Lim describes her feeling of dread about a second wave.