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Global anaesthesia partners map

Global anaesthesia partners

The UK medical mapping project collaboration arose from a concern that there was a lack of information available to alert anaesthetists to current global health partnerships and projects. Projects with the same aims of improving safe anaesthetic delivery by using educational resources and programmes, could be geographically close but not know of each other’s existence.

As overseas partnership work continues to grow it not only made sense, but seemed vital to increase the collaboration between projects, and we set out to develop a way to share knowledge between projects, as well as sharing experience. Hence a survey of Association of Anaesthetists membership was first undertaken in 2012 and the first version of the map created. UK-based doctors continue currently working on many different collaborative projects in the resource-poor environment and the mapping project has expanded as we've seen our collaborative projects expand across disciplines and to more countries. It now not only covers anaesthetic collaborative projects, but obstetric and gynaecology, trauma and acute pain amongst others, initiated in a number of countries.

This collaboration has grown to include partner organisations:






View the maps below to find out about anaesthetic projects across the globe.

Global anaesthesia partners map

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