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Apply for SAFE funding


Applications for funding to deliver the SAFE course

All SAFE course proposals will be considered by the SAFE Steering Group. Please note this means SAFE course applications must be submitted prior to the grant application deadline.

Applications must be submitted in the name of the course/faculty leader, and include the names of all faculty members to be involved in the course who need funding. All individuals included in the application should be integral to the proposed course and their involvement must be described.

Apply for SAFE funding

Guidelines for applicants 

  • All applications must be received by the Association prior to the deadline stated on the Association website. To assist your application, click here to view all questions and requirements included in the application
  • Applications will not be considered retrospectively, please ensure you apply for funding before the start of your course
  • Applications will be considered from UK or Ireland-based, qualified anaesthetists. All applications must have a UK or Ireland-based partner
  • Applications of up to £20,000 will be considered 
  • All SAFE course applications must be considered by the SAFE Steering Committee or other senior member of the Association SAFE leadership team. SAFE course applications that have not been reviewed will not be considered
  • The safety of applicants and participants must be considered in all projects. Funding for projects and travel will only be considered where the submitter can demonstrate that due diligence has been followed regarding the trip
  • Those holding trainee appointments should have a consultant (or equivalent) as referee. It’s the responsibility of the applicant to organise this
  • Applications from charitable organisations or NGOs must be submitted in the name of the organisation not the individual
  • Evidence is required of other funding applied for and to be raised
  • Applicants who are successful are required to write a 500 word report including evaluation and feedback from participants in training 
  • UK faculty are expected to contribute to their own travel costs (50%), in line with the principles applied to IRC grants
  • Charitable financial contributions to other charities or organisations are excluded from funding applications

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