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SAFE project grant funding

SAFE project grant funding 

The Association of Anaesthetists' (the Association) Safer Anaesthesia from Education (SAFE) course has been developed collaboratively by the Association and the World Federation of Societies of Anaesthesiologists (WFSA). It has been extensively piloted by a team of trainers under the leadership of the SAFE Steering group. It is a modular training course in obstetric or paediatric anaesthesia for physician or non-physician anaesthesia providers in low-income countries. Other variants are under development.  

The steering group invites applications for funding to deliver the SAFE course from appropriately experienced Faculty Leaders.  A Faculty Leader should have completed a SAFE train the trainer course and taught or attended a SAFE course previously. The SAFE trainer's manual is available under a Creative Commons License. For quality control and to maintain standards the course should be delivered as set out in the manual with faculty of the recommended size and level of experience in relation to student numbers.  We ask users not to change the course materials. The Association and WFSA are keen to see the SAFE course being widely used around the world in lower resource settings. We welcome applications for grant funding to run SAFE in other lower resource countries according to the criteria set out below. 

Applications for funding to deliver the SAFE course
All SAFE course proposals require consideration by the SAFE Steering Group. Please note this requires SAFE course applications to be submitted to the Association prior to the grant application deadline stated below. Applications must be submitted in the name of the course/faculty leader, and include the names of all faculty members to be involved in the course who require funding. All individuals included in the application should be integral to the proposed course and their involvement must be described.

Download the application questions to assist the completion of the online application form.

Submit your application now

Submission deadline is 23:59, Wednesday 10 January 2024

Amount per applicant - Up to a maximum of £20,000

Eligibility criteria - You must be a UK-based or Ireland-based, qualified anaesthetist 

Frequency - x2 a year

Funding partners - Association of Anaesthetists

Current submission period
For travel commencing between  Applications close Committee meeting
23 February 2024 - 22 February 2025
23:59 Wednesday 10 January 2024 February 2024

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