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Barema & Association Environment Award

Barema & Association Environment Award

Please note that this award is currently closed but will be advertised again in spring 2020

In 2014, the Association of Anaesthetists linked with Barema, the Association for Anaesthetic and Respiratory Device Suppliers to establish the award.

  • The award is for the single best initiative or project related to anaesthesia, intensive care or pain management that has had and will continue to have a measurable beneficial effect on the environment
  • The winner will receive a cash prize and a grant for further support and development of the project
  • The winner will be invited to present their work at Annual Congress 

Judging criteria:

  • Relevance: is what is proposed a distinctive contribution of the specialty to environmental sustainability in healthcare?
  • Innovation: is what is proposed new or distinctive?
  • Sustainability: can what is proposed be embedded in mainstream practice?
  • Replicability: can what is proposed be delivered or adapted in other locations or settings?
  • Scaleability: can what is proposed be delivered on a larger scale?
  • Strategic priorities: does the proposal align with Association's strategic priorities?

Past recipients of the Barema & Association Environment Award

2018     Raising awareness of the benefits and reduced environmental impact of paediatric total intravenous anaesthesia - Drs Brooks and Dunn - Chelsea and Westminster Hospital (article can be found in Anaesthesia News February 2019, page 6)


Insensible (non-sensible) water loss - Drs Jeanes,  Douglass, and  Yentis - Chelsea and Westminster Hospital


RecoMed trial at Queen Victoria Hospital NHS

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