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Honours & awards

Honours and awards

The Association gives a number of honours and awards for UK and Irish anaesthetists who've held high office, contributed to the specialty of anaesthesia, or given significant service to the Association.

Current honours and awards are listed below. For further information on any of these awards please contact the Governance team on 020 7631 1650 (option 3) or email secretariat@anaesthetists.org

The Sir Ivan Magill Gold Medal 

Sir Ivan Magill (1888-1986) was one of the major pioneers of anaesthesia. Many of his innovations in anaesthetic techniques during the 1920s are still used today.

In 1988, to commemorate the centenary of his birth, we introduced the Sir Ivan Magill Gold Medal award for uniquely outstanding innovation in anaesthesia.

Winners of the award have shown extraordinary originality in developing the specialty of anaesthesia, through research, publications, technology, and more.

Cast in gold, the medal includes a portrait of Sir Ivan, as well as the winner's name and date of the award.

Sir Ivan Magill Gold Medallists

2017: Dr Steve Yentis, London

2013: Dr Iain Wilson, Exeter

2003: Dr T Cecil Gray, Liverpool

2002: Dr William Mapleson, Cardiff

1995: Dr Archie Brain, London

1993: Prof Michael Rosen, Cardiff

1988: Dr John Nunn, Middlesex

Read more about Sir Ivan Magill in our Heritage section.

The John Snow Silver Medal

First awarded in 1946, the John Snow Silver Medal was originally given to anaesthetists who had distinguished themselves and received awards for gallantry in the Second World War. 

The first three recipients were the founder of the Association, Henry W Featherstone OBE, Leslie G Morrison MC, and Professor Edgar Alexander Pask OBE.

The John Snow Silver Medal is now awarded by the Association to:

  • UK and Irish anaesthetists who have held high office in the Association and have provided exceptional service to the Association
  • Eminent UK and Irish anaesthetists of great distinction who have not necessarily held high Association office.

Read the full list of John Snow Silver Medal recipients.

The Anniversary Medal

The Anniversary Medal was awarded in 2007 as part of the celebrations for the 75th anniversary of the Association. The first person to be awarded the Anniversary Medal was Dr Kate Bullen, an SAS anaesthetist.

The medal is awarded to UK and Irish anaesthetists who have held office in the Association and have provided exceptional service to the Association. It's also awarded to other individuals of distinction who have given significant service to Association members.

Anniversary Medal recipients

2021: Cathy Lawson  | Roopa McCrossan

2020: Nancy Redfern | Upma Misra | Sally El-Ghazali

2018: Rachel Collis | Ruth Mayall | Anthea Mowat

2017: Tim Cook | Emma Plunkett

2016: Archie Naughton | John Carlisle

2015: Sarah Gibb

2013: Les Gemmell

2012: Neil McGuire

2011: Paul Wilson | Harry McFarlane

2010: R Alladi

2009: H Aitken | C McDowell

2008: C Johnston | N Mackenzie | V Reid | The Section of Anaesthesia of the Royal Society of Medicine

2007: K Bullen | D Dickson | R Greenbaum | J McAdoo

Featherstone Professorship

The Association's Featherstone Professorship is awarded to practising clinicians and scientists who've made a substantial contribution to anaesthesia and its related subspecialties in the fields of safety, education, research, innovation, international development, leadership, or a combination of these.

Featherstone Professorships are held for two years, during which the holder will be required to deliver a Featherstone Oration at a major Association meeting.

Featherstone Professorship recipients

2021: Brendan McGrath

2020: Nuala Lucas

2019: Rachel Collis | Matthew Wilson

2018: William Fawcett

2017: Richard Griffiths

2016: Cyprian Mendonca

2015: Andrew Bodenham

2014: Steve Yentis

If you wish to apply for the Featherstone professorship you can do so here.

Honorary Membership

Honorary Membership was created in 1932 when the Association was founded. The award is usually made at or around the time of retirement from clinical practice.

Honorary Membership is awarded to:

  • UK and Irish anaesthetists who've held high office in the Association
  • Eminent UK and Irish anaesthetists of great distinction who haven't necessarily held high Association office
  • Very eminent overseas anaesthetists
  • Other individuals of distinction who have given significant service to the Association

Read a full list of Honorary Members.

Pask Award

The Pask Award was created in 1977 after the Moorgate Underground disaster.

The award is named after Professor EA Pask, who had a distinguished career in the Royal Air Force Medical Branch as an experimental physiologist in the Second World War. This included dangerous self experimentation requiring considerable personal courage.

The Association gives the award to those who've rendered distinguished service, either with gallantry in the performance of their clinical duties, in a single meritorious act, or consistently and faithfully over a long period.

Read a full list of Pask Award recipients.

Evelyn Baker Award 

The Evelyn Baker Award was instigated by Dr Margaret Branthwaite in 1998, dedicated to the memory of one of her former patients at the Royal Brompton Hospital. The award recognises the ‘unsung heroes’ of anaesthetic departments, the often unspoken backbone of the department who is the ‘go to’ person for clinical or other advice. The award is given to individuals who set themselves apart from peers by demonstrating an exemplary track record in clinical excellence, teaching and training, and supporting colleagues.

To be eligible, a nominee:

  • Must be a consultant or SAS doctor in anaesthesia, usually with more that ten years in post 
  • Must be in clinical practice at the time the nomination is submitted (but can have retired by the time the award is presented) 
  • Must be a current member of the Association 
  • Must NOT be in possession of a NATIONAL Clinical Impact Award
Nomination is by citation, which:
  • Must be submitted by a current member of the Association
  • Should include an indication that the nominee has broad support within their department 
  • May include additional comments from departmental and other colleagues.

The citation which should be of 1000 words or fewer, should explain how the nominee demonstrates outstanding competence that sets them apart from others, under the following headings:

  • Clinical excellence (encompassing technical proficiency, consistently reliable clinical judgement and wisdom, and skill in communicating with patients, their relatives and colleagues)
  • Teaching and training (encompassing the ability to train and enthuse trainee colleagues is seen as an integral part of communication skill, extending beyond formal teaching or academic presentation) 
  • Supporting colleagues and co-workers

Read a full list of Evelyn Baker Award recipients.

Association of Anaesthetists Award 

This is awarded by the Board to those who have made significant contributions to the Association of Anaesthetists and its charitable foundation, its objects and goals, or its members. The award is not restricted to members of the Association. The combined current objectives of the Association of Anaesthetists and its charitable foundation are:

a) to advance and improve patient care and safety in the field of anaesthesia and disciplines allied to anaesthesia in the UK, Ireland and worldwide;

b) to promote and support education and research in anaesthesia, medical specialties allied to anaesthesia and related sciences and the publication of the results of such studies and research;

c) to represent, protect, support and advance the interests of its members;

d) to encourage and support worldwide co-operation between anaesthetists;

e) the advancement of public education in and the promotion of those branches of medical science concerned with anaesthesia, including its history.

Read a full list of Association Award recipients

Past Vice-President Medal

This Medal was created in 2007 to enable the Association Council to honour those who’ve served on Council as a Vice-President.

Past Vice-President Medal Winners

2020: Upma Misra | Nancy Redfern

2019: Samantha Shinde

2018: Rachel Collis

2017: Richard Griffiths | Steve Yentis

2016: Sean Tighe

2015: Isabeau Walker

2013: Leslie Gemmel | Ellen O’Sullivan | Valerie Bythell

2011: David Bogod | Robert Sneyd | William Harrop-Griffiths

2009: Alastair Chambers | Michael Wee | David Rowbotham

2007: Richard Birks | John Carter

Past Awards

The Association used to grant the following awards:

  • The Featherstone Certificate (awarded from 2001-2013)
  • The Charles King Award (awarded from 2006-2013)
  • The Editors’ Award (awarded from 2008-2013)
  • The Council Award (awarded from 2008-2013)
  • The Langton Hewer Award (awarded from 2006-2013)

Find out more about these awards and read lists of the winners of our past awards.

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