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Our committees

The Association currently operates the following committees:

Anaesthesia Equipment Standards Committee: Chair: Dr Peter Young - Provides a forum for those involved in Standards work and forms links with Standards organisations

Association of Anaesthetists Trainee Committee: Chair: Dr Roopa McCrossan - Provides a focus for the interests of trainee members of the Association and represents trainee views at the Board of Directors and other committees

Editorial Board (Anaesthesia): Chair: Dr Mike Nathanson - Oversees the production of the journal Anaesthesia, and supports and advises the Editor-in-Chief

Editorial Committee (Anaesthesia News): Chair: Dr Tei Sheraton - Chaired by the Honorary Membership Secretary and comprised of Anaesthesia News’ editorial team

Education Committee: Chair: Dr Chris Mowatt - Responsible for the educational strategy of the Association

Environment and Sustainability Committee: Chair: Dr Mike Nathanson - Leads the specialty on environmental matters and green anaesthesia

Finance, Audit and Investment Committee: Chair: Dr Ravi Gill - Chaired by the Honorary Treasurer, this Committee maintain financial oversight of both the Association and the AAGBI Foundation

Heritage Committee: Chair: Dr Kathleen Ferguson - Provides a source of expertise on heritage matters and advises Foundation Board on matters relating to the heritage of anaesthesia and the Heritage Centre

Honours and Awards Committee: Chair: Dr Mike Nathanson - Assesses nominations for honours and awards and oversees the administration of them

Independent Practice Committee: Chair: Dr Mathew Patteril - Advises the Board of Directors and supports Association members who are engaged in independent anaesthetic practice

International Relations Committee (IRC): Chair: Dr Ann Harvey - Supports anaesthetists who train, work, or undertake research in low- and middle-income countries

Irish Standing Committee: Convenor: Dr Wouter Jonker - Discusses matters of particular relevance to anaesthetic practice in the Republic of Ireland and works to provide support to Irish members 

Membership Services Committee: Chair: Dr Tei Sheraton - Oversees the whole range of Association services with the aim to improve membership benefits and value

Policy and Advocacy Committee: Chair: Dr Matt Davies - Develops advocacy and campaigns and policy work to raise awareness and understanding of the anaesthetist's role

Research and Grants Committee: Chair: Dr John Ward - Judges all applications for research funding (channelled through the NIAA and oversees the Association's research strategy.

Safety Committee: Chair: Dr Peter Young - Provides expert opinion on safety issues highlighted by members, the pharmaceutical industry and equipment manufacturers

SAS Committee: Chair: Dr Rob Fleming - Considers all matters relating to SAS doctors in anaesthesia and aims to provide representation of their needs

Scottish Standing Committee: Convenor: Dr Paul Bourke - Discusses matters of relevance to anaesthetists practising in Scotland and works to support Scottish members. 

Committee chairs can be contacted for advice through the Secretariat on 020 7631 1650 (option 3) or email secretariat@anaesthetists.org

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