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SAS doctors

Supporting our SAS/NCHD members

SAS doctors are important members of any department, especially in anaesthesia.

We appreciate doctors choose the SAS grade for many different reasons and we are very keen to promote career development amongst our SAS members, and to do this we offer prizes and grants. There is a specific SAS development grant available to members who wish to undertake a project expanding their knowledge, for example in clinical management and leadership or acquiring new skills.

We have seminars organised by our SAS members, and an annual seminar for SAS members, focusing on their specific needs and issues. We are well aware that for many members’ time and study budgets are limited, and so we also offer webinars (which count as external CPD and are either free to members or cost just £40).

As well as our education focus we have a revitalised SAS Committee, which is particularly keen on promoting SAS issues, especially in respect to wellbeing.

SAS/NCHD membership

As of 1 July 2021, a new reduced membership rate will be introduced for SAS/NCHD.

To qualify for our staff grade, associate specialist and specialty doctors (SAS) membership you must be a fully qualified SAS doctor based in the UK or a Non Consultant Hospital Doctor (NCHD) not in training in Ireland with a current GMC or IMC registration. You must also be in good standing with the GMC and/or IMC.

If you are a UK SAS doctor or an Irish Non Consultant Hospital Doctor (NCHD) not in training who is working abroad for a limited period of time, i.e. up to one year, you can also apply for ordinary membership. If you are an SAS doctor with permanent residence outside the UK and Ireland, or whose primary residence is not in the UK or Ireland, and you don’t have a GMC or IMC registration, you should apply for our international membership.

Discounted membership for SAS doctors

On joining the Association, SAS/NCHD members are offered a generous 50% off their first year of membership.

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SAS Links Scheme – call for volunteers

The Association is establishing a network scheme for SAS doctors.

We're calling for volunteers to join and help transform the Association’s offering for SAS doctors.

The idea of this network scheme is based upon the very successful Links, and Trainee Network Lead schemes, with an aim to provide a link between the Association and its SAS members.

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The SAS Committee

The Association has a dedicated SAS Committee that aims to represent your best interests. SAS doctors can get support in all areas, including: career progression, education and representation.

The committee membership is made up of the chair, independent SAS members, elected members of council and representatives from both the Royal College of Anaesthetists and the British Medical Association. You can contact committee members for advice by emailing [email protected].

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SAS Contract Support

We are currently seeking to appoint a new member to join the SAS Committee. Click here for more information.

The SAS handbook

This useful handbook contains all the essential information for SAS doctors, managers and clinical directors.

You'll find plenty of relevant general knowledge and up-to-date details on employment subjects such as working part-time, handling patient complaints and respect in the workplace.

There's also plenty of information on career development including how to write a paper and clinical audit tips.

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Anaesthesia News SAS special collection

Anaesthesia News is the official magazine of the Association, and a popular member benefit.

View our SAS special collection

Association style guide for describing types of anaesthetist and staff groups

The terms used to describe different ‘groups’ of anaesthetist are varied, may be confusing and at worst can convey a message of non-inclusivity. It is unfortunately common to think of the specialty as being divided simply into consultants and trainees, but this overlooks a large cohort of doctors who are not in either category. These are the SAS doctors and the locally employed doctors (both of which groups encompass a range of job titles). This exclusion is contrary to the Association’s ethos and to its equality and diversity principles.

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Anaesthesia Journal

Anaesthesia is the official monthly journal of the Association and available to all members. It forms part of the membership package and publishes original, peer-reviewed articles on all aspects of general and regional anaesthesia, intensive care and pain therapy, including research on equipment.

Anaesthesia is aimed at consultant and trainee practitioners involved in all branches of anaesthesia, intensive care medicine (including specialists from other disciplines) and pain therapy and also non-medical staff working in those areas.

Find out more about the Anaesthesia Journal

Anaesthesia Reports

Anaesthesia Reports is an independent peer-reviewed online journal that will publish case reports, educational articles, and multimedia, covering any aspect of clinical care from peri-operative medicine, critical care and pain medicine.

Association members can log on to the Anaesthesia Reports site using their membership information.


Wherever you are in your career as an anaesthetist, from medical student to consultant or SAS/NCHD, we've got advice and information to help you along the way.

We also run a campaign called #FightFatigue, which aims to change the culture of fatigue in the healthcare profession. We need to together.

Find out more about our #FightFatigue campaign and resources and support available to you.

Find out more about mentoring, learn about taking care of your physical and mental health and get vital career support.

Insurance cover for emergency patient care

The Association has negotiated an exceptional deal to cover all our SAS doctors/NCHD who escort patients in ambulances, or attend call outs. The scope is very wide and includes helicopters and aircraft, and the return journey. Even accidents while driving personal cars are covered, for example, to the scene of a major accident. Find out more about our member’s insurance.

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