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A network scheme for SAS doctors

The Association is establishing a network scheme for SAS doctors 

We're calling for volunteers to join and help transform the Association’s offering for SAS doctors

There has been a renewed focus recently within the Association to improve the representation of SAS doctors. The idea of this network scheme is based upon the very successful Links, and Trainee Network Lead schemes, with an aim to provide a link between the Association and its SAS members. This should allow the Association and SAS committee to raise awareness of the relevant services and support, and to hear from SAS members about issues they wish to raise.

Role of the SAS Link

  • To help raise the profile and encourage membership of the Association by ensuring all SAS/non-consultant hospital doctors are aware of the multitude of services and support that are available from the Association.
  • To become a point of contact on be half of the Association within hospitals for all SAS members and to develop relationships with SAS Tutors in Trusts/Regional Advisors.
  • To keep the SAS Committee informed of local ideas, progress and examples of excellence that are to be recognised and might be of benefit to SAS doctors elsewhere in the UK and Ireland.
  • Where possible, to attend the annual Links and TNL Conference to hear about the latest hot topics of the Association and to take part in discussions with other networks.


  • This is a voluntary role and open to all types of SAS members.
  • Must be a member of the Association and in good standing with the GMC/IMC.
  • The role is held for 12 months renewable.
  • An advocate of the Association and keen to be actively involved and quick to respond to queries from the SAS Committee and the Association.

Are you interested?

If you would like further information, please email SAS@anaesthetists.org.

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