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Oral Histories

Oral histories

Military Anaestheisa


Dr David Zuch
The Second World War


Dr Ben Siggers

Dr Ben Siggers
Iraq and Afgahnistan


Dr Charley Johnston

Dr Charley Johnston
Camp Bastion


Dr Sean Tinghe

Dr Sean Tighe
The Falklands



Dr Andrew Hartle
7/7 and the Olympics



Dr Thomas Boulton
The Vietnam War


Dr Cyril Scurr
The RAMC in the Second World War


Alex crampton smith

Prof Alex Crampton Smith
Italy in the Second World War

All interviews


Dr Ramana Alladi
SAS Doctors


Dr Archie Brain
The Laryngeal Mask


Roger Eltringham

Dr Roger Eltringham
Adventures in Anaesthesia



Prof David Hatch
Paediatric Anaesthesia & Great Ormond St


Richard Harris award with crowd 3

Richard Harris
Tham Luang cave rescue

Eric Hayward

Mr Eric Hayward
Design in Anaesthesia

Dr Jean Horton

Dr Jean Horton
International Anaesthesia

Jennifer Hunter

Prof Jennifer Hunter
Academic Anaesthesia

Ivan Magill

Sir Ivan Magill
Endotracheal Intubation

William Mapelson

Prof William Mapleson
Physics in Anaesthesia

Dr Peter Simpson

Sir Peter Simpson
Royal College of Anaesthetists



Dr Peter Wallace
Intensive Care in Scotland




Dr David Wilkinson
World Anaesthesia & The Museum

Dr Sheila Willatts

Dr Sheila Willatts
The Intensive Care Society


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