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Dr Nuala Lucas: COVID-19 pandemic

Dr Nuala Lucas: COVID-19 pandemic

Dr Lucas is a Consultant Anaesthetist specialising in obstetric anaesthesia. During the Covid-19 pandemic, she has worked at Northwick Park Hospital in Harrow, London.

In this interview by Dr Michael Ward conducted in December 2020, Dr Lucas reflects on her experience of being Obstetric Anaesthetist during a pandemic where little had been initially known on the effect of the virus on pregnant women.

You can listen to the audio recording of the interview now.


The table below indicates points of particular interest within the interview.

Time code (roughly)  Point of interest 
 00:01:47 Dr Lucas describes her day to day responsibilities at her hospital before the pandemic and the intense preparation for Covid.
 00:06:38 Dr Lucas recalls their first Covid-positive patient.
 00:10:50 Discussion of UKOSS study.
 00:12:45 Dr Lucas recalls the initial issue of limited testing and the difficulties separating areas.
 00:20:50 Discussion of OAA and their guidelines.
 00:30:37 Dr Lucas responds to the questions:

What effect did Covid have on obstetric anaesthesia, particularly on the service you are providing? Was there any change in peri-natal mortality or morbidity that you’re aware of?
 00:37:27 Dr Lucas responds to the question:

Do you feel better prepared for next time?