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Professor Andrew Farmery: COVID-19 pandemic

Professor Andrew Farmery: COVID-19 pandemic

Prof Farmery is a Consultant Anaesthetist and lecturer at Wadham College at Oxford University. He was part of the team who designed OxVent, an award-winning rapidly deployable and scalable low-cost mechanical ventilator specially designed for Covid-19.

In this interview conducted by Dr Michael Ward in October 2020, Prof Farmery describes how the OxVent ventilator was designed and produced.

You can listen to the audio recording of the interview now.


The table below indicates points of particular interest within the interview.

Time code (roughly)  Point of interest 
Prof Farmery talks about the initial stages designing a rapidly deployable ventilator.
00:16:10 Described valves used
Prof Farmery describes their pitch to the Cabinet and their working demonstration.
Prof Farmery explains the extreme time pressure on his team to complete their ventilator.
00:37:20 Prof Farmery talks about their imminent FDA approval and OxVent’s plans for Brazil and Mexico.
Prof Farmery talks about his new venture, the development of an almost fully functioning ITU ventilator.