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Dr John Shubhaker: COVID-19 pandemic

Dr John Shubhaker: COVID-19 pandemic

Dr Shubhaker is an SAS Grade doctor at Moorfields Eye Hospital. During the first wave of the pandemic, Dr Shubhaker volunteered for redeployment to the Nightingale Hospital, London.

In this interview, conducted by Heritage Volunteer Dr Michael Ward in August 2020, Dr Shubhaker describes his training at the Nightingale and his subsequent role as a trainer for the Simulation Faculty within the Nightingale. Finally, he reflects on the personal impact of this work and the impact on his future career plans.

You can listen to the audio recording of the interview now.


The table below indicates points of particular interest within the interview.

Time code (roughly)  Point of interest 
00:02:08 Dr Shubhaker explains how he became involved with the Nightingale. 
00:05:59 Dr Shubhaker explains that in the interim, before redeployment, his department at Moorfields Eye Hospital began devising protocols for intubating and ventilating Covid-19 patients, running donning and doffing (PPE) practice drills and videoendoscopy training.
00:08:47 Dr Shubhaker was called into the Nightingale on the 03 April 2020 for the induction day. He speaks to the various training and induction stations (communication, donning and doffing, simulation, psychological PPE).
00:14:30 Dr Shubhaker explains the possible job role he would have at the Nightingale, what that would entail, and who he’d be working with. 
00:17:00 04 April 2020 Dr Shubhaker is called to the Nightingale to work with Simulation Faculty to deliver training to Amber (non-critical care staff) and Red (non-healthcare background staff). 
00:20:40 The Simulation Faculty training is moved to the O2 Arena due to predictions of extremely high patient numbers and the need to train more people more quickly. 
00:22:07 Tour of the Nightingale wards and his impressions.
00:24:33 Details of the training programme being delivered at the O2 Arena. 
00:29:06 Third week of May 2020 comes the announcement that the Nightingale Ward was not going to accept any more patients. Dr Shubhaker subsequently modifies his training, which up until then had been specific to treating patients at the Nightingale. 
00:31:57 The de-brief for the training faculty following the ‘hibernation’ of the Nightingale. Dr Shubhaker reflects on the impact of working for the Simulation Faculty on him personally and on his career going forward.
00:40:47 Dr Shubhaker reflects on the impact of working at the Nightingale to his personal life and wellbeing.