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Safety alerts

The motto of the Association of Anaesthetists is 'In somno securitas' or 'Safe in sleep' and we remain committed to keeping both patients and anaesthetists safe.

Our vision

To promote safe anaesthesia through the provision of information, education, guidance and expert advice to anaesthetists and healthcare stakeholders.

We are the leading publisher of safety guidelines and consensus statements, which are disseminated and communicated widely in Anaesthesia and online via our website and apps, as well as direct distribution to the NHS and stakeholder organisations. 

NAP6 report and resources

The amount of anaesthesia related anaphylaxis is 1:10,000 anaesthetics*. Death or permanent disability from anaphylaxis in anaesthesia can be avoided if the reaction is recognised early and managed well. 

Read the NAP6 report, the largest ever prospective study of anaphylaxis related to anaesthesia and surgery.

The NAP6 review panel has also produced a range of resources to aid departments in preparation for the management of perioperative anaphylaxis.

Download NAP6 resources

Other projects and initiatives:

Project OrphanAnesthesia

Project OrphanAnesthesia are anaesthetic recommendations for rare diseases, funded by the German Society of Anaesthesiology & Intensive care. There are more than 150 recommendations for anaesthesia on rare diseases, with free access for colleagues and patients worldwide.

Visit the OrphanAnesthesia website

Opioids Aware

Read about the Faculty of Pain Medicine's (FPM) resource for patients and healthcare professionals to support the prescription of opioid medicines for pain

Visit the Royal College of Anaesthetists website