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Safety initiatives

Safety initiatives

The Association has developed an extensive list of safety standards and guidelines that are available to browse and download. 

We have also created or support the following safety initiatives:

National Essential Anaesthetic Drug List (NEADL)


The Association of Anaesthetists is pleased to present the 2021 edition of NEADL. This edition has been simplified to remove reference information available from other sources and to improve usability.

NEADL serves several purposes to a range of professionals involved in the delivery of anaesthesia. For suppliers, pharmacists and managers, NEADL offers advice on a minimum set of drugs that must be available wherever anaesthesia is to be conducted safely. This facilitates efforts focused on ensuring the sustainability of drug supply.

For anaesthetists, the list is in no way prescriptive. The use of alternatives is to be encouraged because it takes pressure off the supply of the NEADL drugs, making shortages less likely. This also spreads familiarity with the use of alternatives when there is a shortage of an essential drug.

Download the current National Essential Anaesthetic Drug List (NEADL).

The NEADL can also be used to drive discussions with the UK and Irish Governments about what can be done to prevent drug shortages on a national scale. 

Email [email protected] for more information.

National Safety Standards for Invasive Procedures (NatSSIPs)

NatSSIPs is a high-level framework of national standards of operating department practice from NHS England. 

Developed in response to the Surgical Never Events Taskforce report, NatSSIPs has been created for local providers to use to develop and maintain their own more detailed standardised local operating procedures. 

Learn more about NatSSIPs and download the standards.

Non-luer/small bore connector and transition to NRFit

The transition to the new 'NRFit' series of connectors for neuraxial devices began in 2017.

There's now an information resource at the NHS Improvement website, which individuals and organisations should use as their first point of reference.

Clinicians can download a case study of local practice of implementation of new neuraxial connectors. This information may help individuals and organisations to smooth the transition process.

Unfortunately it's not possible to provide information here about the current availability of NRFit equipment from the various manufacturers. Individuals and organisations should seek this information from their usual procurement sources or industry contacts.

Safety campaigns

You may also find the following safety campaigns of interest:

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