National Essential Anaesthesia Drugs List (NEADL) | Association of Anaesthetists

National Essential Anaesthesia Drugs List (NEADL)


The Association of Anaesthetists is pleased to present the 2021 edition of NEADL. This edition has been simplified to remove reference information available from other sources and to improve usability.

NEADL serves several purposes to a range of professionals involved in the delivery of anaesthesia. For suppliers, pharmacists and managers, NEADL offers advice on a minimum set of drugs that must be available wherever anaesthesia is to be conducted safely. This facilitates efforts focused on ensuring the sustainability of drug supply.

For anaesthetists, the list is in no way prescriptive. The use of alternatives is to be encouraged because it takes pressure off the supply of the NEADL drugs, making shortages less likely. This also spreads familiarity with the use of alternatives when there is a shortage of an essential drug.