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COVID-19 guidance

COVID-19 guidance

We are providing current information and signposting to other sources in a rapidly changing situation. We will highlight information and advice specific to our members alongside ongoing work with the Royal College of Anaesthetists, the Faculty of Intensive Care Medicine and the ICS towards joint coordinated information.

Anaesthesia departments are anticipated to be vital in a surge response and should begin immediate planning to assist in the management of patients both within and outside of the footprint of critical care.

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We aim to place the most up-to-date material on this site. However, given the rapidly changing nature of the pandemic and its manifestations in the UK and in Ireland, it is important readers ensure they have access to the latest guidance and advice, in particular from governments and their agencies, the WHO, and, of course, local Trusts and Health Boards. We are unable endorse the recommendations in the external resources we have provided links to.