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Project 77

Project 77 

The Irish Standing Committee is on a mission to raise awareness amongst colleagues about the great range of benefits available to members of the Association.

It is 77 years (hence “Project 77”) since the 1946 publication in Anaesthesia by Dr. Henry Featherstone (one of the Founding Fathers of the Association of Anaesthetists of Great Britain and Ireland in 1932), of his account describing the establishment of the Organisation, and his welcoming reminder that"There was a general desire that colleagues in Éire should be able to join the Association, and a number have done so". It is therefore timely now to recall this.

The Association continues to act as a collective focus for Safety, Standards and Wellbeing, and, although working synergistically with the Postgraduate Colleges from time to time, has the advantage of being politically non-dependent, in terms of relationships with Health Service providers.

Many Irish Anaesthesiologists are already members of the Association, and, since the available e-learning activities are CME-related, Membership Subscriptions are reimbursable under the HSE’s CME Fund. There’s literally nothing to lose!

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Member benefits include:

Information and guidance

Save money

Career support and networks

  • Access to a Community of peers via our online community platform and member app.
  • A range of support networking opportunities via our Links Scheme, Trainee Network Leads (TNL’s), SAS Links Network and Less Than Full Time (LTFT) Network.
  • A range of career stage specific guides and resources including Trainee, SAS and Less Than Full time (LTFT) handbooks.
  • We also offer a mentoring service, a bursary scheme, and numerous grants and awards to enable you to undertake research, educational projects, or professional development.
  • And we provide opportunities for working overseas with our SAFE project.