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Scottish Standing Committee

Supporting Anaesthetists in Scotland

The Scottish Standing Committee (SSC) represents the Association and its members in Scotland. The health political landscape can, at times, be quite different in Scotland from the rest of the UK and since its inception in 1999, the SSC has actively worked on behalf of Scottish members, focusing on matters relevant to our profession within this system. The SSC continues to forge links and representation with the other bodies in Anaesthesia, in Scotland, including the Royal College of Anaesthetists’ Scottish Board, the Scottish Society of Anaesthetists, the Scottish Intensive Care Society and the North British Pain Association. The annual meeting with the CMO Scotland, alongside colleagues from the RCoA, ensures good communication and the provision of a united approach by our specialty to the Scottish Government. The SSC continues to support the Association’s four key strategic priorities though its organisation of educational meetings in Scotland, ongoing involvement in patient safety group activities and in the local promotion of diversity and wellbeing awareness.

Dr Andrea Harvey

Scottish Standing Committee Convenor

Scottish Standing Committee

Scottish Standing Committee Convenor

Dr Andrea Harvey

Honorary Secretary

Dr Neil Shaw 

Elected Committee Member

Dr Anoop Kumar

Elected Committee Member

Dr Morven Wilson

Elected Committee Member

Dr Charles Moore

Elected Committee Member

Dr Craig Urquhart

SAS Appointed Member

Dr Ruwaida Khan 

Trainee Committee Representative

Dr Ashleah McCulloch

Excecutive Members

Elected Member resident in Scotland

Dr Kenneth Barker

Co-opted members

BMA Representative

Dr Sine Steel

Scottish Intensive Care Society Representative

Dr Barbara Miles

Acute and Chronic Pain Medicine Representative  

Dr Gail Gillespie

Scottish Society of Anaesthetists Representative

Dr Katherine Lake

Royal college of Anaesthetists

Dr Daphne Varveris

Join the Scottish Standing Committee

The Scottish Standing Committee (SSC) of the Association of Anaesthetists (the Association) has two vacancies for elected members to join the committee. Nominees must be full members of the Association, resident in Scotland and in good standing, and should be proposed and seconded by other full members of the Association. The SSC represents over 800 Association members in Scotland. The healthcare political landscape can, at times, be quite different in Scotland to elsewhere in the UK such as in workforce planning, taxation and the very delivery of our health service. If you’d like to get involved and help make a difference, why not consider applying to join the committee.

Association Scottish Links/SAS Link/TNL representatives

Know who your Scottish Links/SAS Links/TNL representative is


  • Dr Sarah Lonsdale, Aberdeen
  • Dr Nicola Rodgers, Edinburgh
  • Dr Daniel Garner, Glasgow
  • Dr Aaron McClatchey, Edinburgh
  • Dr Iain MacTier

SAS Links

  • Dr Adriana Paola Botello, Aberdeen
  • Dr Monika Doshi, East Dunbartonshire
  • Dr Judith Nieman, Falkirk
  • Dr Pritam Mohanty, East Ayrshire
  • Dr Rhys Millington, Renfrewshire


  • Dr Christopher Johnstone, East Ayrshire
  • Dr Rebecca Jadhav, Lanarkshire
  • Dr Roddy Chapman, East Dunbartonshire
  • Dr Craig Grice, Edinburgh
  • Dr Maura Hutton, Edinburgh
  • Dr Anthony Moores, Glasgow
  • Dr John Donnelly, Fife
  • Dr Carol Gray, Fife
  • Dr Christopher Gooch, Dundee
  • Dr Willis Peel, Dumfriesshire
  • Dr Stephen Jeffrey, Glasgow
  • Dr Rose McRobert, Glasgow
  • Dr Ajit Panickar, Glasgow
  • Dr Judith Wilson, Falkirk
  • Dr Robert Campbell, Inverclyde
  • Dr Dan Baraclough, Highland
  • Dr Maria Armstrong, Fife

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