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The introduction of a new contract is a significant event in any doctor's career. The 2021 SAS contract reform in England, Wales and Northern Ireland involves changes to the Specialty Doctor grade, and re-introduces a senior grade, the "Specialist". The aim of this webinar is to provide important details surrounding the new contracts and how these changes might affect SAS anaesthetists, those who manage them, and those interested in a SAS career. This will include focus on the Specialist grade and what differentiates a Specialist Anaesthetist from a Specialty Doctor, or a Consultant. Speakers will make the case for the 2021 Specialty Doctor and Specialist roles from the point of view of individual doctors, Local Negotiating Committees, and Clinical Directors. We hope to empower Specialty Doctors who believe they are already working as Specialists to have conversations with their managers about how this might be recognised.

Organisers: Dr Robert Fleming, (SAS Committee Chair and Elected Board / Council member, Association of Anaesthetists) and Dr Emma Wain (SAS Committee Member and Elected Board / Council Member, Association of Anaesthetists)

Chair: Dr Thomas James, (SAS Committee Immediate Past Chair, Association of Anaesthetists)

The new contracts– Dr Emma Wain, Associate Specialist and LNC Chair Robert Jones and Agnes Hunt Orthopaedic and District Hospital
What is a Specialist? Am I one? - Dr Robert Fleming, Specialty Doctor, Sherwood Forest Hospitals
Reasons to advertise the new contracts, and advantages of using the Specialist grade from the perspective of a clinical director.- Dr Lucy Williams, Associate Specialist and Clinical Lead for Anaesthetics, Great Western Hospital, Swindon

Panel Discussion, speakers plus Dr Leanne Davison, SAS committee BMA SASCUK representative, Associate Specialist in Intensive Care, Royal Victoria hospital, Belfast