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Evelyn Baker Award recipients

Evelyn Baker Award recipients

The Evelyn Baker Award was instigated by Dr Margaret Branthwaite in 1998, dedicated to the memory of one of her former patients at the Royal Brompton Hospital. The award is made for outstanding competence in all areas of anaesthetic practice: clinical excellence, teaching and training and supporting colleagues. The award recognises the ‘unsung heroes’ of anaesthetic departments.

Nominees are often described as the unspoken backbone of the department and the ‘go to’ person for clinical or other advice. Citations accompanying nominations for this award should describe how the individual being nominated demonstrates those characteristics and traits that set them apart from others.

The defining characteristics of clinical excellence are technical proficiency consistently reliable clinical judgement and wisdom, and skill in communicating with patients, their relatives and colleagues. The ability to train and enthuse trainee colleagues is seen as an integral part of communication skill, extending beyond formal teaching or academic presentation. Supporting colleagues and co-workers is a valued part of clinical practice and is recognised by this Award.

2021: Robert (John) Burden | Christopher Rollason | Susan Nimmo

2020: Muthyala Chetty

2019: Kathryn Bell | Anthony John Rampton

2018: Ian Appadurai

2017: Michelle Soskin

2016: Rob John

2015: John Leigh | Virin Sidhu | Patricia Weir

2014: Sally Millett

2013: Amanda Blackburn | Mike Donaldson | Andrew Kilner | Chris Vallis

2012: John Windsor

2011: Keith Clayton

2010: Sudheer Medakkar

2009: Fred Roberts

2008: Neville Robinson

2007: Gareth Charlton

2006: Martin Coates

2005: Douglas Turner

2004: Margo Lewis

2003: Paul Monks

2002: Mark Crosse

2001: Brian Steer

2000: Neil Schofield

1999: Meena Choksi

1998: John R Cole

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