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International Project Grant

International Project Grant 

The International Research Committee (IRC) would like to receive funding applications for international anaesthesia education or research related projects. Due to international travel restrictions, funding will only be considered for projects where the delivery of the project does not require international travel, so all project delivery should be delivered in-country. All applications must be submitted by an anaesthetist based in the UK or Ireland and all projects must have a UK partner.

This is suitable for projects involving an individual or team over a period of weeks or months either as part of an existing scheme delivered by another organisation or seeking to establish a new programme. 

Applications will be considered from other charitable organisations or NGOs: evidence will be required of other funding to be raised. 

If additional funding is required for a project already in receipt of an IRC grant, a new application should be completed. 

Applications must be submitted in the name of the project leader, and include the names of all those involved in the project requiring funding. All individuals included in the application should indicate their own involvement, which must be integral to the proposed project.

If a project lasts more than six months, reports will be submitted to IRC at intervals of not more than six months in addition to the final report.

Amount per applicant - Up to a maximum of £20,000

Eligibility criteria - You must be a UK-based or Ireland-based, qualified anaesthetist. All projects must have a UK partner

Frequency - x4 a year

Funding partners - Association of Anaesthetists, Difficult Airway Society, Regional Anaesthesia UK, Royal College of Anaesthetists, Society of Intravenous Anaesthesia (SIVA) and World Anaesthesia Society 

Submit your application now

The deadline for submission will be 23:59 on Wednesday 21 December 2021.

Current submission period
For travel commencing between  Applications close Committee meeting
26 February 2022 - 14 April 2022 21 December 2021 (23:59) January 2022

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