Cell salvage for peri-operative blood conservation 2018 | Association of Anaesthetists

Cell salvage for peri-operative blood conservation 2018


The use of cell salvage is recommended when it can be expected to reduce the likelihood of allogeneic (donor) red cell transfusion and/or severe postoperative anaemia. We support and encourage a continued increase in the appropriate use of peri-operative cell salvage and we recommend that it should be available for immediate use 24 hours a day in any hospital undertaking surgery where blood loss is a recognised potential complication (other than minor/day case procedures)

These guidelines were developed to inform, support and encourage the appropriate increased use of cell salvage as part of a blood conservation (Patient Blood Management) programme and include information on:  

  • The collection of blood for potential cell salvage 
  • The use of leucodepletion filters
  • Cell salvage during Cesarean section
  • Cell salvage equipment and staff training

The review deadline has been extended to 2024