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Strategy & governance

Strategy and governance

The Association's research strategy is focused on these key areas:

  • Patient safety
  • Innovation
  • Clinical outcomes
  • Education and training
  • Wellbeing
  • The environment and sustainability
  • Audits and QA/QI projects that involve guideline implementation

The strategy is also informed by the results of the Anaesthesia and Perioperative Care Priority Setting Partnership exercise.

Research guidelines

All research funded, supported, or undertaken on behalf of the Association must be performed to the highest ethical standards. 

Read our author guidelines for submissions to Anaesthesia.

The Association has a policy on the use of animals in medical research.

Anaesthetic research funded by the Association is focused on patient outcome, safety and innovation. Research project funds are awarded after careful peer review and are not considered if patient safety and care isn’t at the core of the research being undertaken. Funding of animal research is uncommon and is only considered if there is a likely to be a clear benefit to patients and the results could not be obtained through other methods. If animal research is undertaken, it is done so in carefully controlled laboratories, licensed for such work (by the Home Office or local equivalent), and conducted under appropriate standards of care. Researchers are expected to adhere to the ARRIVE guidelines when reporting their work.


Some of our research funding is allocated by the Grants Committee of the National Institute for Academic Anaesthesia (NIAA).

Grants are awarded twice a year in June and December. The Association of Anaesthetists and the journal Anaesthesia are founding partners of the NIAA, and are represented on the NIAA Board, NIAA Research Council and NIAA Grant Committee.

Research grants and other funding available to you

There are a variety of grants and awards we offer members and non-members every year to encourage continued advancement in anaesthesia. Supporting research and development remains a key strategy for us and we would encourage all members with ideas for research, audit or survey to submit applications.

See our full timetable of grants, awards and prizes for more details. We also have undergraduate awards and funding available for medical students.

The Association's Data Sharing Principles

The following principles are aimed at scientific datasets derived from projects such as clinical trials, surveys, audits and database studies. They do not apply to internal Association data such as the membership database, membership surveys or other information collected for internal or operational purposes. It is important to note that the Association will not be an owner of patient data.

Download the Association's Data Sharing Principles document

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