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Meet the Trainee Committee

Meet the Trainee Committee

The Trainee Committee advances the interests of trainee members in the Association and through external consultation with other medical organisations.  Discover each member's story, interests and aspirations from their short interviews below. If you're feeling inspired by these stories and are not yet a member of the Association, why not join today? Or find out more about all our member benefits.

Dr Stuart Edwardson, Chair

Read Stuart's interview.

Dr Louise Swan, Honorary Secretary

Read Louise's interview.

Dr Sarah Marsden, Vice Chair

Read Sarah's interview.

Dr James Brooks, Trainee network Lead

Read James's interview 

Dr Ben Evans

Read Ben's interview


Dr Luke Flower

Read Luke's interview

Dr Leyla Turkoglu

Read Leyla's interview

Dr Allan Xu

Read Allan's Interview.

Dr Claire-Marie Agius 

Read Claire's interview.

Dr Emily Gibney

Read Emily's interview.

Dr Ashleah McCulloch 

Read Ashleah's interview.

Dr Sethina Watson

Read Sethina's interview

Dr Brandon Tan Zhiming

Read Brandon's interview

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