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Coffee and a Gas

Coffee and a Gas

The #coffeeandagas campaign was introduced to bring people together in an attempt to help wellbeing and promote better teamwork.

The Association and its Trainee Committee recognise that, now more than ever, it’s good to talk. However, social distancing guidance relating to Covid-19 means that we cannot run the campaign as we have done previously.

We know the sense of positivity and togetherness that comes out of Coffee and a Gas, so here are three different ways of organising an event, which you can use to make sure you comply with current national and local guidance.

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Concern for a colleague

If you have a conversation with a colleague that concerns you, please access our support pages or contact our wellbeing support by email.

Remember you can always have #CoffeeandaGas at any time that suits you and your colleagues!

Keep up the habit and create your own, regular #CoffeeAndAGas at your Trust. It's good to talk.

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