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Coffee and a Gas

Coffee and a Gas

Make time for Coffee and a Gas.

It can be hard to get together with colleagues for a good ‘get-it-off-your-chest’ type chat when work is always so busy. But friendly, open conversations are an important way to help us share worries and reduce stress. We encourage everyone to host their own Coffee and a Gas.

We initiated Coffee and a Gas to mark International Stress Day in 2017. We had a fantastic response with many of you taking the time to catch up and share your own experiences and concerns.

All you need to host a session can be found below. 

Promotional materials

Download the Coffee and a Gas poster, add the details of your event and put it up on your department notice boards. You also download an editable version of this poster.

Charity cake sale

Increase the feel-good factor by combining your Coffee and a Gas with a cake sale for the Association’s SAFE Africa fundraising campaign by asking your colleagues to bring baked goods!

Get in touch with us by email to request a SAFE Africa donation tin and other fundraising materials.

Concern for a colleague

If you have a conversation with a colleague that concerns you, please access our support pages or contact our wellbeing support by email.

Remember you can always have #CoffeeandaGas at any time that suits you and your colleagues!

Keep up the habit and create your own, regular #CoffeeAndAGas at your Trust. It's good to talk.

Plan your next Coffee and a Gas

If this is an induction week at your hospital, why not plan a Coffee and a Gas session for getting to know new colleagues?

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