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Managing stress

Managing stress

Working in medicine can sometimes seem like a battlefield. Low morale, intense workloads, decreasing resources and exposure to trauma all mean healthcare and emergency services staff are under pressure like never before.

This increasingly stressful work environment can take its toll, not only on your job performance, but also on your personal life and health.

Download Mark Stacey's Baker's Dozen of Mental Toughness toolkit

This toolkit provides a series of resources to increase and hopefully improve your resilience, strengthen your mental toughness and motivate you to carry on at work to the best of your ability.

The skills outlined are easy to learn, but for them to be useful, it's best to practise and practise until they become a habit embedded in the way you behave.

"What I'm trying to get across with this booklet is that we can do things differently - there are skills we can learn that will improve our resilience." Dr Mark Stacey

Used regularly these can optimise your performance under pressure, enhance your life both at work and home and enable you to function better, but it will take time and effort.

From tips to improving decision making to keeping a gratitude diary, download the toolkit and help make life a little bit easier.

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