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Event Details

Key Details


Thursday 5 March 2020


The Association Of Anaesthetists
21 Portland Place London


£175 - Members
£110 - Trainee Members
£330 - Non-members
£87.50 - Retired Members

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About this seminar

Neuromuscular blockade (NMB) and Depth of Anaesthesia (DoA) monitoring made easy. This seminar will deliver an eye opening experience and offer an insight to the refined, quality anaesthesia achievable by delivering hypnotic and NMB drugs to targeted monitoring endpoints, leading to enhanced patient outcomes. Delegates will have the oppurtunity to take part in equipment demonstrations of NMB and DoA monitors in the afternoon. 

Topics include:
NMB: from clinical intuition to ‘measuring’ – the journey to patient safety
NMB monitoring in practice; including video demonstrations
NMB Strategy; ‘putting it all together’ 
NMB and DoA monitoring: ‘paralysis and awareness’, NAP5 lessons 
DoA: processed EEG, the basics 
DoA: processed EEG, clinical use

Workshops: interactive equipment demonstrations of NMB and DoA monitors in clinical practice

Case discussions: processed EEG interpretation and clinical strategies