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Trainee Committee

Trainee Committee

The Trainee Committee provides a focus for the interests of trainee members of the Association and to represent trainee views at the Board of Directors and other Association Committees.

Through its work the committee promotes training, the practice of anaesthesia, and communication amongst trainee anaesthetists. It works with the Education Committee and events team to plan the Trainee Conference and contribute to trainee specific elements of the Association educational programme.

In addition to their work representing the interests of trainees within the Association, committee members also represent the Association trainee members through external consultation with other medical organisations.

You can contact the Trainee Committee on [email protected]

Trainee Committee members

Dr Stuart Edwardson,
ST6 South East Scotland School of Anaesthesia and Intensive Care Medicine



Dr Louise Swan, Honorary Secretary 
Royal Victoria Infirmary, Newcastle upon Tyne

Louise Swan

Dr Sarah Marsden, Vice Chair
ST5 Yorkshire and the Humber School of Anaesthesia

Dr James Brooks, Trainee Network Lead ST4
Severn Deanery

James Brooks

Dr Ben Evans CT3 Core Anaesthetics Trainee North East of England


Dr Ben Evans

Dr Luke Flower
Central London School of Anaesthesia

Luke Flower

Dr Leyla Turkoglu
CT2 Core Anaesthetics Trainee
East of England deanery

Dr Layla Turkoglu

Dr Allan Xu
London School of Anaesthesia

Allan Xu

Dr Claire-Marie Agius ST7 Northern School of Anaesthesia & Intensive Care @ClaireAmc22

Claire-Marie Agius

Dr Emily Gibney  ST6 Mersey School of Anaesthesia @dr_doddle

Emily Gibney

Dr Ashleah McCulloch CT3 West of Scotland School of Anaesthesia  

Ashleah McCulloch

Dr Sethina Watson ST6 Bristol School of Anaesthesia   

Sethina Watson

Dr Brandon Tan Zhiming SAT 2 Ireland  @brandontanzm

Brandon Tan

Dr Kathryn Singh, TNL Officer (on maternity leave) ST3 Imperial School of Anaesthesia, North West London  

kathryn singh

Co-opted members

Dr Naomi Freeman Immediate Past Trainee Committee Chair @DrNFreeman
Dr Jack Dryburgh-Jones
British Medical Association Junior Doctor Committee

Dr Stephen Adshead
Defence Anaesthesia representative
Dr Gary Rodgers
RCoA representative
Dr Gillian Rennie
SAS Committee representative