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Trainee Committee

Trainee Committee

The Trainee Committee provides a focus for the interests of trainee members of the Association and to represent trainee views at the Board of Directors and other Association Committees.

Through its work the committee promotes training, the practice of anaesthesia, and communication amongst trainee anaesthetists. It works with the Education Committee and events team to plan the Trainee Conference and contribute to trainee specific elements of the Association educational programme.

In addition to their work representing the interests of trainees within the Association, committee members also represent the Association trainee members through external consultation with other medical organisations.

You can contact the Trainee Committee on

Trainee Committee members

Dr Sally El-Ghazali
ST7 Imperial School of Anaesthesia @sally_ghazali

Sally El-Ghazali

Dr Roopa McCrossan
Honorary Secretary
ST7 Northern School of Anaesthesia & Intensive Care

Roopa McCrossan

Dr Keith Hodgson
Scottish Clinical Leadership Fellow
South East Scotland School of Anaesthesia

Keith Hodgson

Dr Katy Miller
TNL Lead
Senior Clinical Fellow 
Birmingham Children's Hospital

Katy Miller

Dr Lucy Powell
ST6 Northern School of Anaesthesia & Intensive Care

Lucy Powell

Dr Karen Stacey
ST7 Imperial School of Anaesthesia 

Karen Stacey

Dr David Nesvadba
Education Fellow
North East Scotland School if Anaesthesia @Spa1982

David Nesvadba

Dr Divya Raviraj
ST7  North Scotland Deanery

Divya Raviraj

Dr Natalie Mincher
ST7 Welsh school of anaesthesia

Natalie Mincher

Dr Rhys Clyburn
ST6 Welsh school of anaesthesia @RClyburn

Rhys Clyburn

Dr Eireann Allen ST5 South East Scotland School of Anaesthesia @EireannK

Eireann Allen

Dr Amanda Milligan
ST7  West of Scotland

Amanda Milligan

Dr Will Rattenberry ST7  East Midlands School of Anaesthesia @effectsite

William Rattenbury

Dr Murray Connolly
ST5 Cork University Hospital @MurrayConnolly_

Murray Connolly


Co-opted members


Dr Dick Burham
Trainee Conference Local Organising Lead
Dr Felicity Corcoran Royal College of Anaesthetists, Anaesthetists in Training Committee
Dr Thomas James 
SAS Committee
Dr Emma McLaughlin
Military Trainee Committee
Dr Matthew Tuck British Medical Association Junior Doctor Committee