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Link scheme

The Link scheme

We can best represent the specialty of anaesthesia by knowing and reflecting the views of an active membership. 

Maintaining that activity and sustaining the work of the organisation are the prime duties of our Link scheme.

A Link is an anaesthetist who acts as a representative between their colleagues and the Association. Their role is to communicate issues and initiatives to both sides. 

The Links undertake many important initiatives, which have a profound influence on the way anaesthetists practise. To be effective, these require the continuing participation of and input from all members.

The Link charter

The Link charter outlines the ideal relationship between the Association and our Links, including what's expected of each party.

The Association will:

  • Keep Links regularly informed on policy and membership developments
  • Provide Links with suitable promotional materials for educational events, potential members and for other purposes as may from time to time occur
  • Be responsive in a timely manner to requests from Links for information and advice
  • Invite Links annually to the Link Conference and dinner

Links will:

  • Be an active member of the Association, provide an up-to-date email address which is checked regularly and whose mailbox is routinely emptied so that communications do not 'bounce’
  • Aim to attend two Link conferences in each three year cycle (one day preceding Annual Congress)
  • Respond to reasonable queries from Association
  • When requested, distribute information and promotional material from the Association to colleagues and trainees in electronic or paper format
  • Respond to local members queries and concerns and where appropriate pass them centrally to the Association
  • Make a sustained effort to routinely approach each new trainee joining the department and encourage them to join the Association. This to include both new-starters in the specialty and non-members rotating inwards

Becoming a Link

If you would like to become a Link, please contact us for more information.

Contact your Link

To find your nearest Link please look in the Link Directory.

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