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Become a mentor

Become a mentor

Mentoring others through challenges and opportunities can be a rewarding experience.  

The Association is always looking for volunteers to become part of our mentoring scheme. Find out more about the scheme and how to apply to become a mentor.

The Association mentoring scheme

The Association's mentoring scheme allows anaesthetists interested in having a mentor or receiving coaching to access a team of trained mentors throughout the country.  

This is a voluntary scheme for both mentors and mentees, with services being provided free of charge.

All Association mentors are expected to either have attended our 4-6 day training course, based on Gerard Egan's 'skilled helper' model or have the equivalent experiences and qualifications.

What's expected of a mentor

As part of the scheme mentors will be required to:

  • Be part of a pool of Association mentors to whom potential mentees can be referred
  • Provide mentoring services at our conferences with sufficient notice given
  • Allow us to publish your name, location and availability as a mentor on our website
  • Consent to being contacted by mentees after they have initially contacted us with a request for a mentor
  • Arrange to meet mentees and, following agreement, set dates for further meetings
  • Commit to helping the mentee for as long or as little as agreed between you both
  • Contact us if you are not able to meet the mentee's needs
  • Maintain contact with mentees.  In the event that you have to cancel a meeting, it's the responsibility of the mentor to arrange a new date.
  • Maintain confidentiality in working with your mentee(s) within the bounds of Good Medical Practice
  • Be evaluated by mentees for purposes of monitoring
  • Be ready to share non confidential information with us for evaluation purposes
  • Be aware of the Association's policy on diversity

Applying to become a mentor

If you agree with the above please fill out our application form and return it to [email protected]

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