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Fight Fatigue resources

Download the complete fatigue information pack (NHS Trust version)

Download the complete fatigue information pack (NHS Board version)

Watch the webinar recording 'Facing Fatigue - science, strategies and solutions to help manage work-related fatigue'

Fight Fatigue resources (NHS Trust)

We must all encourage our workplaces to become official Fight Fatigue campaign backers. 

Download our information pack to help educate your colleagues and use our audit tools to check whether your rest facilities are up to standard.

Download the complete Fight Fatigue information pack.

Or download the individual resources:

Sleep and learning

The effects of fatigue 

Nightshift nutrition

Standards for rest facilities

Fatigue: the facts

Useful tips to aid sleep

I'm safe - a checklist adapted for clinicians to assess fatigue and fitness to work

Fatigue tool

Working well at night

Rest facilities

A rested healthcare professional is safer

Fight Fatigue resources (NHS Board)

Fatigue resources

Fatigue sheets

Fight Fatigue case study

Staff at Walsall Manor Hospital are able to take short power naps thanks to the installation in April of energy pods that are being trialled for six months.

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Sleep & learning

Sleep is essential for our health and wellbeing. It's also vital for consolidating our memories and facilitating learning.

Nightshift nutrition

Night shifts play havoc with the circadian rhythm which impacts on eating schedules, hunger and metabolism. When tired we crave starchy and processed foods.

The effects of fatigue

We've all been fatigued. Often it is easy to recognise the signs, sometimes less so.

Further fatigue resources

Fight Fatigue campaign video

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