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The Association goes greener

The Association goes greener

Here are just a few of the things we've been doing at the Association headquarters at 21 Portland Place in London to improve our carbon footprint.

  • In 2018 we recycled 3,713 kgs of materials (paper, waste, furniture, IT equipment)
  • We have installed energy efficient lighting and secondary glazing
  • We are reducing paper usage and printing and have set ongoing challenges to each of the staff teams
  • Recycling bins are in all the offices, meeting rooms, and kitchens
  • As well as recycling paper, we also recycle all redundant PC equipment, toner cartridges and batteries
  • We are fortunate that Westminster City Council's waste disposal is zero to landfill - any waste that cannot be recycled is sent to a waste-fired power station and is used to generate electricity and heat for 50,000 London homes every year
  • We have chosen caterers who buy locally sourced produce and who recycle all glass, cardboard and oil used in their kitchens. Our fish supplier is fully accredited by the Marine Stewardship Council
  • Every year a report on the carbon footprint of 21 Portland Place is presented to Board for discussion
  • As of 2018 environmental awareness is the norm for all Association workstreams and committees. Committee chairs will report annually to Board detailing how they are trying to reduce their carbon footprint
  • We offer staff a cycle-to-work scheme to promote healthier journeys and reduce environmental pollution

Education goes green

And it's not just at headquarters where we've been thinking about our impact on the environment. Here's what our education and events teams have been doing to reduce our carbon footprint:

  • Last year we recycled 17 kg worth of plastic boxes from our conferences - the equivalent weight of 5,445 tea bags
  • We've shrunk our Annual Congress and Winter Scientific Meeting programmes so we're using less paper
  • All of our conference programme and speaker details are available via the website and events apps, reducing the amount of printed material we produce
  • We collect and reuse delegate plastic wallet badges
  • We choose conference venues with strong environmental policies for waste, sourcing of local food, and energy and water consumption
  • We offer milk alternatives for tea and coffee at all our conferences and have meat-free lunches during our major meetings
  • Attendance certificates and evaluations are no longer printed and are only available online
  • Our art exhibition now takes place at the Winter Scientific Meeting in London rather than transporting the art to conference centres around the country
  • Many of our education programmes are now delivered digitally, through Learn@ and via webinars. This reduces travel for our members and speakers, thus decreasing our carbon footprint
  • At Annual Congress Dublin in 2018 we webstreamed three environment sessions live with speakers from Australia, Scotland, and Sweden
  • In 2017 we presented our first Green Exhibitors award at Annual Congress, encouraging industry to demonstrate good practice in environmental sustainability
  • Since 2015 the Association and Barema have been presenting an annual award for the single best initiative, project or activity relating to anaesthesia that has a measurable and beneficial effect on the environment

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