Help us to develop our network of SAS and NCHD members | Association of Anaesthetists

Help us to develop our network of SAS and NCHD members

Help us to develop our network of SAS and NCHD members


On behalf of the Association’s SAS Committee I would like to take this opportunity to wish you a happy and healthy New Year.

I am proud to be an SAS anaesthetist. SAS doctors undertake a large amount of important clinical work. Many of us also have non-clinical roles including leadership, service development and education. With the introduction of new SAS contracts in England, Wales and Northern Ireland, there is a renewed opportunity to promote, support and recognise the career development of SAS anaesthetists.

The SAS Committee works hard to represent the interests of SAS doctors in the UK, Non-Consultant Hospital Doctors (NCHD) in the Republic of Ireland, and the growing number of long-term Trust/ Locally-Employed Doctors working within our specialty. However, we are only as strong as our membership, and I hope you will help us develop our community by encouraging these groups of doctors to become members of the Association.

There has never been a better or more important time to become a member of the Association and support our work.

New reduced joining fee for SAS and NCHD doctors

The Association has introduced a new pricing structure for new SAS/ NCHD members who now pay an initial reduced fee of just £125 (50% discount) in their first year, followed by a permanently reduced rate of £250 per year.

Exclusive benefits for SAS and NCHD members

SAS/ NCHD members receive access to a wide range of benefits and services, including free patient transfer insurance (up to £1 million), a subscription to the journal Anaesthesia, and discounts on attending all Association educational events. They also have the opportunity to apply for the SAS professional development grant, with a total fund of £2000 available annually.

Advocacy and representation

Over the past year, we have continued to increase the representation of SAS anaesthetists within the Association to include more committees and working parties than ever before. We welcomed Dr Emma Wain, who joins the Association Board/Council as our second elected SAS doctor. The SAS committee has expanded to include representation from the BMA SAS committee, and Irish NCHD members. We will shortly be recruiting two more committee members, with the goal that SAS doctors are represented in every forum in which decisions affecting SAS doctors are made.

SAS Links network

The Association’s network of SAS Link doctors continues to go from strength to strength. These doctors provide a link between the Association and its SAS members, allowing us to better represent you. We would like to see a SAS Link in every department. If you are interested in getting involved, please get in touch using the email address at the bottom of this article.

SAS Stories

Alongside the SAS Committee at the RCoA, we have launched an initiative to tell the stories of SAS anaesthetists whose work is worthy of recognition but who might otherwise be overlooked. These doctors might demonstrate notable clinical expertise or be involved in quality improvement or service development. They might be excellent teachers, or be involved in management, leadership or research. We would like to know about more of these doctors in order to share their stories. If you would like to nominate a colleague, then please get in touch.


Following on from the success of previous SAS events at other meetings, we recently hosted our first full SAS session at the Association Annual Congress.

Look out next month for a new free webinar (SAS contract update : 18:00 - 20:00 Thursday 3 February 2022) to help you understand better the important details of the new SAS contract, including important changes and the new ‘Specialist’ role.


Robert Fleming
Elected Board / Council Member
SAS Committee Chair, Association of Anaesthetists

Email: [email protected]

Twitter: @RobJimFleming; @Assoc_Anaes; @Anaes_SAS

Further information

The SAS Handbook 2020

SAS handbook

This useful handbook, with much essential information for SAS doctors, managers and clinical directors, is available to download.

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