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National Clinical Impact Awards (NCIA)

National Clinical Impact Awards (NCIA) - Guidelines for applicants seeking support from the Association of Anaesthetists

Wednesday 27 April 2022

The national Clinical Impact Awards (NCIA) is run by the Advisory Committee on Clinical Impact Awards (ACCIA). There are three levels of National Award: N1 (lowest), N2 and N3 (highest) and they will be for 5 years in duration. Successful applicants (at each level) will be determined solely by the score your application achieves, so unlike previous years, you do not apply for a specific award.

The 2022 round opens on Wednesday 27 April and will close at 17:00 on Wednesday 22 June 2022. The Association must receive your application by 09:00 on Tuesday 17 May 2022 for consideration of support by submitting it to

We recommend that you register on to the NCIA submission portal ahead of the submission deadline in case you have any technical issues.

Supporting your application

The Association of Anaesthetists, along with the Royal College of Anaesthetists, are an official National Nominating Organisation (NNO) and can support a number of award applications. Applicants can submit their application for support to more than one NNO, but at the end of the process you can only choose one to support your application. If you approach both the Association and RCoA, you should you let both NNOs know. We commit to sharing with you simultaneously our respective rankings, so that you can choose which to use.

Any potential change in salary has the potential to affect your personal financial circumstances. We are unable to provide any financial guidance other than to recommend that all applicants seek the advice of a competent financial advisor prior to applying for an NCIA. If you have any queries on your eligibility or specific queries on the awards, please contact

Seeking support from your NNO

The official ACCIA application form must be used when applying for support by the Association. Please ensure that you read the ACCIA application guidance to assist you with your application and check your eligibility.

Applications for support by the Association should be sent to and must be received by 09:00 on Tuesday 17 May 2022. Late submissions will not be accepted. Applications will be reviewed by a Ranking Group consisting of members of the Association Board. All applicants will be informed of the outcome of their applications, but the Association is only able to support a specific number of applicants allocated by the ACCIA.

Scoring process

Applications will be scored against the five domains: Domain 1: delivering and developing a high-quality service, Domain 2: leadership, Domain 3: education, training and people development, Domain 4: innovation and research, and Domain 5: additional national impact. Each domain will be scored according to the following:

10 - an application is excellent with clear and sustained national and or international impact

6 - the work is over-and-above contract terms and has at least a regional impact beyond the local area

2 - the applicant has met the terms of their contract or may have contributed more, mainly within their locality

0 - the applicant has not met the terms of their contract or there is not enough information to make a judgement


All applications must include a citation written by a colleague of your choice. Your completed citation must identify the person completing the citation, as well as the body that they represent. Your citation is not required to be submitted with your application for support, but must be received by 09:00 on Tuesday 24 May 2022. The RCoA have published guidance on writing a citation which can be viewed here.

Informing applicants of the outcome of NNO support

Applicants will be informed of the outcome of their submission on Thursday 9 June 2022, once both the Association and RCoA Ranking Groups have met. If you have submitted your application to both NNOs and both have agreed to support your application, you are required to inform the NNOs which organisation you have chosen for support by 5pm on Monday 13 June 2022.

Next steps

If your application for support is successful, you will be required to submit your application via the ACIA online portal. The Association is unable to rank your application and submit the approved citation until you have created your profile. It is your responsibility to ensure that your profile is created in good time ahead of the deadline. The Association will aim to submit the ranking of your application and upload your citation by 20 June 2022.


NCIA portal

NCIA website

NCIA application form


  • Wednesday 27 April 2022 - Application process opens
  • Tuesday 17 May 2022 (17:00) - Submission deadline for support by the Association
  • Tuesday 24 May 2022 (9:00) - Deadline for receiving citations from citation writers
  • Wednesday 8 June 2022 - Applicants to be informed of the outcome for support
  • Monday 13 June 2022 (17:00) - (if required) Submitters to inform NNOs of preferred ranking organisation
  • Monday 20 June 2022 - Association to submit ranking information and citation to ACCIA online portal
  • Wednesday 22 June 2022 (17:00) - Final submission deadline

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