Anaesthesia and Anaesthesia Reports Editorial Fellowship: November 2022–2023 | Association of Anaesthetists

Anaesthesia and Anaesthesia Reports Editorial Fellowship: November 2022–2023

Anaesthesia and Anaesthesia Reports Editorial Fellowship: November 2022–2023

Getting a paper published is hard work and so too is gaining the skills, knowledge and experience to become an Editor. This exciting fellowship programme aims to provide all this and much more for two exceptional doctors in training. Three of our current Editors completed the journal fellowship, which demonstrates the value we place on our Fellows as well as the programme more generally. We invite you to join the team and gain training and experience in every area of editorial work.


  • Under direct supervision from an Editor, review and handle 1–2 manuscripts a week submitted to Anaesthesia and Anaesthesia Reports . You will spend four months with a different Editor and learn how to construct decision letters and subedit accepted manuscripts for style before publication; 
  • Undertake a project with supervision from one or more Editors, which will be presented at a major Association of Anaesthetists international meeting and submitted for publication; 
  • Contribute to an editorial for one of the journals; 
  • Contribute at least one ‘Anaesthesia Digested’ for publication in Anaesthesia News
  • Attend editorial meetings held throughout the year (usually four) as well as the Association of Anaesthetists Winter Scientific Meeting and Annual Congress; 
  • Be involved with areas of special clinical interest as well as contributing to #TheAnaesthesiaBlog, live broadcasts and podcasts; 
  • Compile a brief report at the end of the Fellowship to be submitted to the Editorial Board and the Fellow’s School of Anaesthesia/Deanery as appropriate (journal appraisal). Successful applicants will gain experience of working across both journals. There will be no payment or honorarium but reasonable travel expenses to attend meetings will be met, according to usual Association policy.

You must: 

  • Be post-FRCA (or equivalent) 
  • Not have a substantive non-training appointment offered or accepted at the time of taking up the post; 
  • Be a member of the Association of Anaesthetists.

Applications should: 

  • Include a one-page CV which includes your current position, Association of Anaesthetists membership number and CCT date; 
  • Include a 300-word outline of a project that you wish to undertake with an Editor which should be relevant to the journals, publishing or editorial work more generally [1–3]. 
  • Be formatted in accordance with Anaesthesia journal style, which can be found in the Author Guidelines section of the journal website.

Examples of previous Fellowship projects: 

  1. Docherty AB, Klein AA. The fate of manuscripts rejected from Anaesthesia. Anaesthesia 2017; 72: 427–30. 
  2. El-Boghdadly K, Docherty AB, Klein AA. Analysis of the distribution and scholarly output from National Institute of Academic Anaesthesia (NIAA) research grants. Anaesthesia 2018; 73: 679–91. 
  3. Charlesworth M, Klein AA, White SM. A bibliometric analysis of the conversion and reporting of pilot studies published in six anaesthesia journals. Anaesthesia 2020; 75: 247–53.

Applications must be received via email by midnight on 31 May 2022 to [email protected].

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