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Sustainability at Annual Congress

Sustainability at Annual Congress 2022

At the Association, we recognise that we have a responsibility to reduce our environmental impact, in particular for events. For Annual Congress 2022 we are focusing on the below initiatives:

Annual Congress 2022 venue - ICC Belfast

The ICC Belfast are dedicated to reducing the environmental impact of their business through the adoption and promotion of sustainability principles, providing a safe and sustainable environment for their team, clients and customers, as well as to the local community.

ICC Belfast has recently been awarded a Green Meetings Silver Award, reflecting their investment in sustainability and commitment to the development of a sustainable tourism plan, in line with Belfast’s transformational resilience strategy; and supported through a city wide sustainable Green Tourism partnership funded by Belfast City Council and delivered by Visit Belfast. Find out more about the award here. 

Download a copy of ICC Belfasts' sustainable journey so far

The City of Belfast 

Belfast is one of the Top 20 sustainable destinations in the world, and has been recognised by the Global Destination Sustainability Index (GDS-Index) as a city committed to sustainable development and growth. The GDS Index evaluated Belfast on four key areas:

  • Environmental strategy and infrastructure
  • Social sustainability performance
  • Industry supplier support
  • Strategy and initiatives of the city’s destination marketing and management organisation (DMMO)

This follows the launch of Belfast’s Resilience Strategy, the city’s first climate plan, which outlines 30 transformational programmes to transition the Belfast City Region to an inclusive, zero-emissions, climate-resilient economy within a generation. Find out more about the strategy here.

Other ways of reducing our impact at Annual Congress 2022:
  • Minimising plastic use by swapping from plastic wallets to recyclable paper badges.
  • Providing crockery and reusable materials instead of disposable.
  • Encouraging attendees and faculty to take public transport or car pool when local.
  • Ensuring that our catering offering is as local as possible and hosting a meat free day.