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Coffee and a Gas: A wellbeing podcast

Coffee and a Gas: A wellbeing podcast

Welcome to Coffee and a Gas, a wellbeing podcast brought to you by the Association of Anaesthetists Trainee Committee. This podcast will cover topics from fatigue and sleep to mentoring, digital detox, and mental health.

Dr Nikki Sharma and Dr Nadia Taylor will host many of the episodes and will also be joined by Board and Trainee Committee members of the Association in interviewing a variety of experts who will share strategies to help improve your wellbeing.

Episodes will be released every month and will be available without logging in. You can also access the episodes on PodbeanSpotify and Apple Podcasts

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Coffee and a Gas Episode 1. Mark Stacey: Reframing the Day

The first episode of the podcast is hosted by Dr Nikki Sharma and Dr Nadia Taylor, and they are joined by Dr Mark Stacey who talks about reframing your day and stress management.

Coffee and a Gas Episode 2. Sleep Part 1 with the Sleep Geek

Welcome to episode 2 of Coffee and a Gas. In this episode we are talking to James Wilson, also known as the Sleep Geek. James is an expert in sleep behaviour and environment, and has been featured on the BBC and ITV, as well as being a sleep adviser for Rotherham United football club.

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