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Green case studies

Green case studies

While there's still plenty of research and work to do into the environmental impact of anaesthesia, there have been a number of studies and trials that have produced some interesting results.

In this section we've summarised some of these studies to provide you with information and inspiration for your own environmental work and research.

Don't forget, in partnership with Barema, we've established the Barema and Association Environment Award, which recognises excellence in sustainability within the specialty and industry partners to further develop a greener anaesthesia agenda. 

We need to talk about Des...

(Dr Kenneth Barker, Consultant Anaesthetist at Raigmore Hospital explains how he and his colleagues have reduced the carbon equivalent emissions from their anaesthetic activities.)

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Plastic recycling from the operating theatres

Insensible (non-sensible) water loss

Doctors should be eco-warriors too

Metal recycling in healthcare waste management