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Clinician tips for COVID-19

Clinician tips for COVID-19

For healthcare workers, by healthcare workers

Below, are some brief and informal tips and advice for healthcare workers, by healthcare workers. Everything on this list has been sent to the Association and selected for inclusion after review by members of our Board. They are examples of innovative and resourceful ways other frontline carers are coping with the strain of COVID-19. 

Users are reminded of their responsibility to assess for themselves the safety, effectiveness and usefulness of the clinician tips in their own healthcare setting. We provide this content without any endorsement or recommendation.

If you'd like us to consider your tips and advice for inclusion on this list, please get in touch

iPhone consultations and Visits

"We have 30 iPhonesXR (waterproof and cleanable), 30 SIM cards (EE best reception in our hospital), 30 iCloud accounts ([email protected] etc). Screen savers are bed 1, bed 2 etc. and all phones have each other in address book. Takes at least a day to set up - best to use a techy nurse rather than IT I suspect. Also the more direct you can purchase the better - it takes a day or 2 through Apple but not sure how it will go through conventional NHS channels.

"Very useful for FaceTime consultations from ward round or doctors & nurses who are outside the red zone - we even have a rota of those self isolating at home contributing. Saves on PPE which can be donned to sort 4 or 5 jobs at once.

"Very useful for virtual family visits."

Dr Peter Young, Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Kings Lynn

6 April 2020

Reusable DIY visor/faceshields

"We have bought 60 diy plastic helmet visors with very wide face cover. After use they get cleaned with Tristel assisted by the donning/doffing guardians and put in a large wheel box/skip. They then get taken to the clog cleaner (it’s like an industrial dishwasher) in batches and washed - labelled with a green clean label and put in a thin polythene bag and into the clean skip for reuse.

"Healthcare workers can choose their preferred PPE visor but most choose this. The system of cleaning set up robustly is important I believe."

Dr Peter Young, Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Kings Lynn

6 April 2020

COVID-19: a synthesis of clinical experience in UK intensive care settings

A rapid dissemination summary report of a facilitated ‘Knowledge Sharing Session’ between UK clinicians with considerable experience of ICU management of COVID-19 infected patients. The session was hosted on 3 April 2020, 10:30 to 11:30, by the Intensive Care Society as part of the National Emergency Critical Care Committee.

The Intensive Care Society

3 April 2020

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