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Event Details

To book, please accept terms and conditions in the Key Details section.

Key Details


Wednesday 6 and Thursday 7 March 2024


The Association Of Anaesthetists
21 Portland Place London


2 day fees -
£390 - Members
£300 - Trainee Members
£840 - Non-members
£175 - Retired Members

Webinar ONLY fees - 
£175 - Members
£130 - Trainee Members
£400 - Non-members
£67.50 - Retired Members

Terms and Conditions

To book, please accept terms and conditions in the Key Details section.

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Interested in organising a seminar?

We're looking for new seminar material, both lecture and workshop based.

What is a seminar

The Association is the UK’s leading provider of postgraduate education for all pathways into Anaesthesia. The Association’s seminar programme features leading experts in anaesthesia, critical care and pain medicine presenting the latest information and thinking on a variety of key anaesthesia topics. Our seminars are designed to focus on a specific field of interest within anaesthesia and help to build on specialist interests. They offer an intimate learning environment, with a maximum of 50 delegates attending each. Keeping the numbers low encourages delegate and faculty interaction.

Blended seminars allow you to maximise your learning time, with the first day of lectures being held online and the second day of hands-on workshops being held at 21 Portland Place.

You can attend the online lectures as a singular one day package but must attend the lecture day in order to attend the workshop day.

About this seminar

Organised by Dr Sheelaj Sharma,

Day 1: Talk may include:

Chest wall blocks and ESP block
Brachial Plexus blocks for shoulder surgeries
Blocks for hip surgeries - what is new
Upper limb blocks

Day 2: this interactive day of AURA workshops may include:

Station 1 - (Brachial Plexus - Above clavicle)
Station 2 - (Brachial Plexus - Below Clavicle)
Station 3 - Chest wall Blocks and ESP
Station 4 - Spinal Sonography
Station 5 - Lower limb Blocks (Hip and Knee)
Station 6 - Abdominal Blocks
Station 7 - Sciatic and ankle blocks

Intended audience

Aimed at anaesthetists with an interest in Advanced ultrasound guided regional anaesthesia. Consultant anaesthetists, trainee anaesthetists (ST3+), SAS anaesthetists. 

Learning objectives

Coming soon.

Sponsors and exhibitors

We would like to thank Pajunk and Medovate for sponsoring this seminar.


Programme and speakers

Organiser: Dr Sheelaj Sharma, Abu Dhabi

Programme available in the Key Details section