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Monday 5 February 2024


The Association Of Anaesthetists
21 Portland Place London


£215 - Members
£170 - Trainee Members
£440 - Non-members
£107.50 - Retired Members


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We're looking for new seminar material, both lecture and workshop based.

What is a seminar

The Association is the UK’s leading provider of postgraduate education for all pathways into Anaesthesia. The Association’s seminar programme features leading experts in anaesthesia, critical care and pain medicine presenting the latest information and thinking on a variety of key anaesthesia topics. Our seminars are designed to focus on a specific field of interest within anaesthesia and help to build on specialist interests. They offer an intimate learning environment, with a maximum of 50 delegates attending each. Keeping the numbers low encourages delegate and faculty interaction.

About this seminar

You will learn how to experience and induce a light hypnotic trance. You will also develop an understanding of the applications of hypnosis in anaesthesia including: pain management, needle and other phobias, hypnotic anaesthesia, anxiety management.

Intended audience

Aimed at anaesthetists with an interest in medical hypnosis. Consultant anaesthetists, trainee anaesthetists (ST3+), SAS anaesthetists. 

Learning objectives

Coming soon.

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Programme topics and speakers

Presentations for the upcoming seminar include:

Hypnosis and communication for the anaesthetist, Dr Simon Tunstill

Hypnosis in obstetrics,
Dr Paul Slater

Hypnosis in Paediatrics,
Dr Caron Moores

From cynic to true believer,
Dr Karen Pearson

How to induce a simple hypnotic trance and generate imagery,
Mrs Jean Rogerson

Hypnosis for pain management,
Dr Caron Moores 

Starting out in hypnosis (2),

Hypnosis in Anaesthesia - Practical applications and current evidence,
Dr Paul Slater

Needle Phobia,
Ms Jean Rogerson

Starting out in Hypnosis (3), TBC

Self Hypnosis, ego strengthening followed by practical session,
Mrs Jean Rogerson