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To book, please accept terms and conditions in the Key Details section.

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About this webinar recording

Book for the recording of this exciting webinar Regional Anaesthesia: Back to the Basics hosted by RA-UK and the Association of Anaesthetists. Organised to offer something for everyone, from beginners to enthusiasts in regional anaesthesia, it brings national and international experts together on important topics to help you succeed in your blocks, improve your skills & widen your knowledge in regional anaesthesia.

Attending this webinar will give you essential knowledge to perform RA safely and efficiently.

Organisers and Chairs: Dr Sim West, University College London Hospital, UK and Dr Maria Paz Sebastian, Royal National Orthopaedic Hospital, Stanmore, UK


Theme: Essential knowledge to perform RA safely and efficiently.

All lectures are 20 minutes, with 15 minutes discussion at the end of each half

Talk one: Scanning tips & tricks; Why doesn’t my picture look like the online video? - Dr Mubeen Khan, King’s College Hospital, London, UK

Talk two: How to choose your block; blocks for specific surgeries, blocks specific patients, blocks for day surgery - Dr Bridget Pulos, Mayo Clinic, Rochester, USA

Talk three: Drugs for regional anaesthesia; how much, how close, what drug, what spread? - Dr Sim West, University College London Hospital, London, UK

Discussion 15min

Talk Four: Plan A blocks; What should we recognize? - Dr Toby Ashken, Imperial School of Anaesthesia

Talk Five: What else can I see on ultrasound?; common things to avoid. - Dr Laura Giron-Arango, Toronto Western Hospital, Toronto, Canada

Talk six: Fascial plane blocks; mechanisms of action, use in surgery and use in trauma Dr Su Cheen Ng, Beacon Hospital, Dublin, Ireland

Discussion 15 min