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Thursday 25 May 2023


The Association Of Anaesthetists
21 Portland Place London


£105 - Members
£105 - Trainee Members
£105 - Allergists & Immunologists (please email
£165 - Non-members
£52.50 - Retired Members


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To book, please accept terms and conditions

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What is a seminar

The Association is the UK’s leading provider of postgraduate education for all pathways into Anaesthesia. The Association’s seminar programme features leading experts in anaesthesia, critical care and pain medicine presenting the latest information and thinking on a variety of key anaesthesia topics. Our seminars are designed to focus on a specific field of interest within anaesthesia and help to build on specialist interests. They offer an intimate learning environment, with a maximum of 50 delegates attending each. Keeping the numbers low encourages delegate and faculty interaction.

About this seminar

This seminar is the inaugural event for the UK Perioperative Allergy Network. We are open to anaesthetists, allergists and immunologists and we invite you to come and meet others working in this field, share experience and learning, and hear about new developments.

You will find out more about aims of the network and how it can help you deliver joined-up care in your region and beyond. We want to hear your views on the direction of the network and what you think is important for improving care for this patient group. 

The day will consist of panel and audience discussions, with workshops in the afternoon tackling some of the more challenging areas of perioperative allergy. All specialities at all levels of seniority are welcome, and no prior experience of perioperative allergy is required. 

Come along and get involved! 

Intended audience

Aimed at anaesthetists, allergists and Immunologists
(all levels of seniority)

Any allergists will be able to apply for the members fee, please email

Learning objectives

Understand more about the new Perioperative Allergy Network – its aims/objectives and how it can help clinicians improve care for patients
Be able to describe the current state of perioperative care in the UK and need for change
Understand the role of novel diagnostics (eg BAT testing) in perioperative allergy – advantages and pitfalls
Explore the issue of NMBA provocation testing 
Understand the problems around chlorhexidine allergy in the perioperative setting


Sponsors and exhibitors



Organiser: Dr Louise Savic, Leeds

Programme will be included in the 'key details' section shortly. Highlights of the programme below:

‘The patient perspective’. 
Patient to speak about their experience of perioperative anaphylaxis and their follow up care.

Panel discussion 
Informal debate between Chairs on the current state of perioperative allergy care in the UK and the need for change. Encourage audience involvement for suggestions/thoughts/comments – brainstorming session to determine what practising anaesthetists/allergists see as the gaps. 

Developing a perioperative allergy network (anaesthetists/allergists/immunologists) Why is this important, progress so far, how can the audience get involved, inclusion of paediatrics. Forum for discussion with participants about what they would like ‘the network to do for them’.

1. When the tests don’t work 
2. Chlorhexidine allergy 
3. NMBA provocation tests 
4. If its not allergy…what is it?