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Recording available until 31 December 2026


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£5.00 - Large family (unlimited children)
£2.50 - Small family (parent/carer and 1 child)


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To book, please accept terms and conditions.

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In this online workshop the Climate Psychologists will help you and your family to begin to understand how we take in information about climate change and how this can make us feel and behave. We can learn to name and process our emotions. We can also learn to manage our feelings so that they can motivate and inspire us to take climate action. We will learn how to take care of ourselves so that we can take care of the planet. We will think about our values and goals and how we can get to work to help the Earth. We can all make a difference!

This event is linked to the Anaesthesia Museum’s 2021 online exhibition Going Green: Anaesthesia, Climate and Sustainability, which explores the environmental impact of anaesthesia and healthcare services.

About the facilitators

Megan Kennedy-Woodard and Dr Patrick Kennedy-Williams are the co-directors of Climate Psychologists, an independent organisation providing individual therapeutic support and wider consultation regarding the mental health implications of climate change. Central to their work is climate change communication. They work with individuals, parents, educators, national government and media organisations to promote psychologically-informed, constructive communication. Their aim is to inspire hope and positive, sustainable action to combat climate change. They are the authors of 'Turn the Tide on Climate Anxiety', due out later this year with Jessica Kingsley Publishing.

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